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This new Hara Kiwi video is a bit different. I wanted to dig up the cuteness we did in an other of our sketch called Constellations.
The idea was to have this little girl who had figured out a way to populate the earth after it’s destruction. In France, we tell kids that babies are born in cauliflower. Which explains the concept. This idea made me laugh and cry at the same time. Usually, that’s a good sign.

The ending was changed on the day of the shooting also. The first draft ended with the 3 characters looking out and spotted a stork bringing a baby. We came up with this more open and sad ending which I think is a big improvement.


With :
Diane Sautereau du Part
Boris de la Higuera
Thomas Labiche

Written by: Boris de la Higuera

Directed by: Sébastien Appéré

1st AD : Mickael Potinet

Script supervisor : Pierre Ravoyard

DOP : Sébastien Appéré

Camera Operator : Thibaut Torres

Key Grip: Pablo Gallet

Boom Operator : Julien Rouveron

Set Design : Julien Renard

Make Up: Laura Hirigoyen

Location Management : Amanda Pinheiro

Editing: Sébastien Appéré

Colour Correcting and VFX : Boris de la Higuera

Music and Sound Design : Pierre Ravoyard

Thanks to Bernard Marro, Laure Sautereau, Thierry Manhiabal