The Call of Darkness

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Another Hara Kiwi Video. And this time, I’m in my best costume.
The shooting was quite intense as it was shot entirely at night. In a basement.

I also helped Julien, who was in charge of set design, to draw an Satanist symbol on the floor. It turns out, drawing a perfect star in a circle is not that easy. We spent around 40 minutes trying to come up with something decent with help from YouTube Tutorials and a compass we made from string.


With :
Bernard Marro
Boris de la Higuera
Pierre Oger
Marion Souquet
Valentin Lucy
Coline “Tatie” Cesbron

Written by : Boris de la Higuera

Directed by : Boris de la Higuera

1st AD : Mickaël Potinet

DOP : Sébastien Appéré

Camera Operator: Valentin Lucy

Boom operators : Pierre Ravoyard & Antoine May

Set Design : Julien Renard

Make Up : Clémentine Pellissier de Féligonde

Location Manager : Marion Souquet

Editing & VFX : Boris de la Higuera

Music and Sound Design : Pierre Ravoyard

Thanks to Kino Session, Memorabilia, Marine Chatonpute, Myam, Thierry Manhiabal, JP & Béa

© HARA KIWI – 2018