The Nemesis

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A new Hara Kiwi video. This time, we were dealing with a more absurd script but within kind of a creepy setting.
We had the chance to film in the Iboat. A great location in Bordeaux which did the job perfectly for this story.

Also, I was quite happy to take on the challenge of doing a role that was quite different than what I was used to, even though my look is horrendous.


With :
Bernard Marro
Boris de la Higuera
Louise Catala
Mickaël Potinet

Directed by : Pierre Ravoyard & Boris de la Higuera

Written by : Boris de la Higuera

1st AD : Mickaël Potinet

DOP : Sébastien Appéré

Make Up : Louise Catala

Location Manager : Pierre Ravoyard

Boom Operator : Pierre Ravoyard

Music and Sound design : Pierre Ravoyard

Edditing and VFX : Pierre Ravoyard & Boris de la Higuera

Thanks to François and the Iboat of Bordeaux !