Xmas Runner

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Blade Runner.

Who hasn’t heard of it ?
Anyhow, with the sequel 2048, we really wanted to pay tribute to those movies and style. Moreover, we had a brilliant location in Bordeaux that served us very well.

Fun fact, we shot this in december. The rain at the end was hot water but we still were quite cold at the end.


With :
Boris de la Higuera
Bernard Marro
Magalie Viard
Flynn Maurice

Written by: Boris de la Higuera

Directed by : Mickaël Potinet

1st AD : Marion Souquet

Script Supervisor : Coline “Tatie” Cesbron

DOP : Thibault Frankel

Camera Operators : Thibault Frankel & Sébastien Appéré

Camera Assistant : Sophie Sacareau

Key Grip : Pierre Oger

Boom operators : Antoine May & Pierre Ravoyard

Set design : Julien Renard

Set Design assistants : Maurine Lantheaume, Enzo Guadagnin & Ambre Gomez

Makeup: Clémentine Pellissier de Féligonde

Location Management : Floriane Salomé Yrevir

Backup: Maurine Lantheaume & Alix Grinsell

Editing and colour correction : Sébastien Appéré, Boris de la Higuera & Mickael Potinet

Visual Effects : Boris de la Higuera

Music and Sound design : Pierre Ravoyard

Thanks to Kino Session et JB Guignot, la Bibliothèque de Bordeaux Mériadeck, Sophie & Olivier Maurice, Marion & Coline, JP & Béa

© HARA KIWI – 2017