Meet The Director

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Meet The Director is a short film by Hara Kiwi within Kino Session, an association from Bordeaux who help with film production and often organises screening in amazing places around Bordeaux.

Here, Hara Kiwi was invited to produce a 4 part film for one of it’s screening. This explains the 4 MTV cuts during the film.

We went from an old script we wrote and built upon it to make a 15 minutes version.

Everything was shot in English and then dubbed in French.


Boris de la Higuera
Mathieu Bossard
Philippe Crespeau
Thibaut Frankel

Screenplay by
Boris de la Higuera
Cédric Scalabrini
Sébastien Appéré

Directed by : Sébastien Appéré

1st AD : Mickael Potinet

2nd AD : Marion Souquet

DOP : Sébastien Appéré

Camera Assistant : Thibaut Torres & Mehdi Zemiri

Boom operator : Pierre Ravoyard

Set Design : Virginie Bonnici

Costumes : Virginie Bonnici

Pop master : Virginie Bonnici

Set manager : Floriane Rivery

Editing : Sébastien Appéré

Colour correction and VFX : Boris de la Higuera

Sound mixing : Pierre Ravoyard

Enzo Giraud
Raphael Marrocq
Gautier Soulard
Baptiste Gire
Valentin Calonne
Grace-Alexandra Guénard
Arnaud Drouet
Clara Malus
Mehdi Zemiri
Virginie Bonnici
Mickael Potinet
Marion Souquet
Pierre Ravoyard

Thanks to
Kino Session
Maelstrom Studios
Pascal Boidron
Mickael Potinet
Virginie Bonnici
Université Bordeaux Montaigne