Kobra Fist

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In September 2018 was held the Kino Kabaret Intenational de Bordeaux. It’s an event during which, participants are invited to make a short film in less than 72 hours.
With my co-writer Gabriel Feuvrier, we wrote, shot and edited this tribute to TV shows from the 90’s (Like Walker Texas Ranger, MacGyver, etc…).

Everything was shot in English and then, a few months later, dubbed in french. This was done because one of the most humorous aspects of these types of programs was the VERY over the top acting done by the french actors that were hired to dubbed them.

Also, please be aware that I had to learn the Nunchaku in a few hours in order to prepare for the role.


River Knuckles : Boris de la Higuera
Jake Knuckles : Prashant Chauhan
Kobra Kick : Virginie Bonnici
Cindy Maxwell : Sophie Sacareau
Larry Poppin’s : Philippe Dorthe
The Kobra Father : Jean Cordier
Lucky : Quentin Berthomé
The Rookie : Paul Hubble
Henchman 1 : Alban Petit
Henchman 2 : Mehdi Zemiri
Henchman 3 : Pierre Oger
Backup Henchmen : Sébastien Appéré, Marjorie Seigner

Directed by : Gabriel Feuvrier & Boris de la Higuera
DOP : Sébastien Appéré
1st AD : Nadège Maunoury & Charlotte de Montmarin
Make up : Mathilde Mercé
Hair Stylist : Christophe Pavia

Editing : Thibault Barny
VFX & Color correction : Boris de la Higuera
Sound design : Pierre Savoyard

French version
Recorded by : Pierre Ravoyard
Studio : Maelstrom Studios

French Voices
River Knuckles : Boris de la Higuera
Jake Knuckles : Jean-François Coffin
Kobra Kick : Virginie Bonnici
Larry Poppin’s : Sébastien Mineo
The Kobra Father : Philippe Crespeau
Lucky : Bernard Marro
The Rookie : Pierre Oger
Henchman 1 & 2 : Sébastien Mineo
Additional voices : Sébastien Appéré, Mickael Potinet, Geoffrey Zanette & Arthur Pedel

Thanks to Kino Session & all the people who helped out during the Kino Kabaret International de Bordeaux 2018, Les Pirates Production & Maelstrom Studios.